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Sturdy PVC fixtures with brass lamp holders and 50 watt Low Voltage Up-lights illuminate the front brick for a great look, in addition to illuminating the whole front yard with indirect lighting.

With this type of lighting there is no need for eye intrusive light bulbs glaring you in your face, like floods.

The 50 watt low voltage Up-light flood is also good for large plants and small trees.

On the rear side we have Recessed Down-lights with 50 watt floods. These are placed in the eaves for a areas where Up-lights would be in the traffic areas.

The recessed down light also offers a low ambience moonlight effect and is a real nice look shining directly down on the plants.


Here the 50 watt recessed down lights illuminate the plants as well as the brickwork at the same time as offering yard illumination.

Here we have a combination of 150 watt Up-lights for the bushes, 300 watt line voltage Up-lights for the large pine trees and 50 watt low voltage lights for the statuaries on this island.

The higher intensity lights offer a great look even from a distance.

As the 300 watt Quarts Halogen Up-light Illuminates and Beautifies the canopies of trees it also lights up the area, again without intrusive obnoxious lights glaring you in the eye. The lights are always directed up and away.

Statuaries, like this Blessed Mother, look great illuminated.

Even from a distance the statuaries shine bright and the reflection again illuminates the yard.

From a distance the (3) line voltage 300 watt Quarts Up-lights capture all of the tree canopies, while the 50 watt low voltage lights put accents on the smaller plants.

As you can see the 150 and 300 watt Quarts Line voltage Up-lights with their higher intensity can be seen from a good distance away.

This is a better view of the 50 watt Low voltage lights accenting the plants mixed in with the 300 watt Quartz halogen Up-lights. And as you can see the colors of the different lights match. There is nothing worse in a lighting job then having white, natural or yellow lights mix-matched in the same area.

When you have a high enough place to put one, a single 150 watt High Pressure Sodium Flood works great as a moonlight effect to light up a large area, as well as providing an even spread of light for the landscape.

This is typically called moon-lighting. The one drawback is the glare in your eyes if you look up at it. That is why it is best to use this effect only if you have a spot where you can get the light up high enough.
And the driveway side works especially well.

And, as you can see the 150 watt High Pressure Sodium moon-lighting illuminates the plants evenly with a nice soft color.

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