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 Home Lighting

Each Light with it's own purpose...Make it Special for You!!!

Home Interior Lighting
"...If I have freedom in my love, and in my soul I am free,
Angels alone that soar above Enjoy such Liberty."
Richard Lovelace

Recessed Lighting

Yes, we install Recessed lights...
White Step Baffle Recessed Lights are the most popular.


Recessed Lights offer a superb room lighting effect
and can be dimmed down for a low ambience mood light.
The key to a less intrusive light is to use a short neck flood.
The short neck flood allows one to see the effects of the light
without having the intrusion of a glaring bulb.

Track Lights

A much less intrusive light and more versatile light is the track light.
It is my preference, because when properly placed the indirect lighting
keeps the light bulb away from your eyes
 while providing the low ambience mood light when dimmed down.

Track Lights can also brighten the whole room when at full brilliance.

In addition, the lights can be relocated, rearrange and redirected easily
to suit your furniture and room layout changes without any unwanted
lights in inappropriate spots that no longer suit the room change.


Track lights are perfect for illuminating cabinetry, statuaries, plants...
And, especially pictures.

Decorative Fluorescent

We recommend high efficiency, long lasting, low maintenance
decorative fluorescent fixtures for the kitchen area,
because the crisp bright light is excellent for cooking,
cleaning and doing the dishes.

These Fluorescent's are also excellent for the laundry room
and the garage.

Rope Lighting

At night turn those bright fluorescent lights off and go with indirect rope lights on top of the cabinets.

The indirect lighting from Rope Lights offer a low ambience
mood light without the intrusive light bulbs in your eyes.


When Rope Lights are put behind plant and statuaries
it is a real nice effect.
The Rope Lights also provide a nice even glow

throughout the whole area.


When a China Cabinet is added to one side of the room and
all of a sudden your Dining Room light is no longer centered
the easiest way to center the light on the table is

to swag the light over with a plant hook.

This allows the relocation to the center of the table
without having to patch the ceiling.

If the center is not to far off one can use a ceiling medallion
to cover the hole after centering in lieu of the swag

Pendant Lights & Paddle Fans

We also install pendant lights, or any other light,
in any height of any ceiling.  
In addition, we wire for and install Ceiling Fans too.


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