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Estimates & Rates



All cost estimates which require just a visual check, consultation and/or plan review, but no physical work, nor testing are considered free estimates. This would include new circuits, new lighting, upgrades, etc. 

Conversely, when if tools, metering equipment and work are required to determine the cost we must charge for this. Since we have no way of knowing what the problem is for this outage, we cannot provide an adequate estimate without some investigative work.

In most cases, in one hour to two hours we can either locate and repair small defects, or locate the problem and provide an updated estimate.

On rare occasions, such as underground breaks in wire, it may take up to 4 hours to determine the damage extent and provide an updated estimate.

The service charge to the home or business is $95.00. 

Labor rate is $47.00 per half hour and $95.00 per hour.

Should we not be able to repair the defect in this time frame, we will update the estimate once we have all the information to do so.


*Basic Simple Troubleshooting* is for easy detectible tasks. This usually costs $142.50 to $190.00. This covers the first half hour to one hours of labor. But, there are certain conditions where more complicated troubleshooting is required.


*Complex Troubleshooting* is required for underground loss of power conditions and this could be as much as $400.00 to determine. This is because many times it requires more labor, and locating equipment to determine the issue.

***Emergency after hours repair services are only available to our Regular Customers. Overtime rates will apply @ $142.50 to the home or business and $142.50 for the first hour, with $285.00 being the minimum. After the first hour work is charged by the half hour @ the $142.50 per hour rate.

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Our guarantee, should a defect occur, due to materials or workmanship, Liberty Electrical Contractors, Inc, will warranty labor and materials for replacement or repair at no charge on all new installations for a period of 1 year after the date of completion.

On all repairs, should a defect occur, due to materials or workmanship, Liberty Electrical Contractors, Inc will warranty labor and materials for replacement or repair at no charge for a period of 30 days after completion.

New lights, additional new circuits and new outlets are considered new installations with 1 year warranty.

Replacement of ballast, lamps and other parts is considered a repair with 30 day warranty.

Guarantee excludes inappropriate power supply from the utility company, or inappropriate power supply from acts not related to our work, acts of nature, vandalism or any other acts of human intervention.

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Payment Acceptance

We Accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX, Checks or Cash Upon Receipt, Unless Credit Approved

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